Sector-led content makes for a valuable resource

CommunityNet Aotearoa (CNA). To be honest, it’s not something I’d thought a lot about but that’s a good thing. Why? Well, because it works! It’s certainly one of the best examples of a community and voluntary sector online resource that I’ve seen. It’s good because it’s good because it’s got useful and relevant content. This is the case because despite being nominally managed out of the Department of Internal Affairs, the bureaucrats have for once recognised when to leave a good thing well alone and so the content is in reality managed by those who know it, live it and understand it… subject experts from the sector. The portal’s roadmap for the future makes it clear it is aimed at being the ‘first port of call’ for community organisations in New Zealand. That’s a bit of a silly objective as it’s patently unachievable if taken literally. And if you don’t take it literally, why bother? I do, however, believe the intent behind the statement. CNA has been the first place I look for resources and information, news and events for the CVS in NZ. That’s a better objective really and in my view makes the project a success. AtWaitakereOnline, the portal I used to Chair we developed a similar objective, ‘the home page of choice for people and businesses in Waitakere City’. For this to happen content must be accurate, up to date, reflect what people want and be accessible in a timely manner. Another aspect of CNA that I admire is its advisory group. CNA is not an online community, rather it is an online resource managed for the benefit of the sector. The Advisory Group is a vitally important facet of this – the fact that it is non-technical and drawn from a broad-platform across the sector gives CNA significant mana.]]>